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Data Protection Policy

In fulfilment of the legislation currently in force with regard to Personal Data Detection, you are hereby informed that the personal data you provide via the website, and any sent to our company by any other means, will be included in the filing systems the controller of which is Turística Konrad, S.L., hereinafter, HOVIMA HOTELS, the owner of this website, in accordance with the following designations and purposes:

Guests: Execution of guest arrival and departure registrations at hotels managed by the company, sending of commercial communications, and management of bookings.
CVs: Management of job applications sent to the company by candidates.
Marketing: Management of the data of customers and potential customers for the sending of commercial communications about Hovima hotel promotions and offers.
Video surveillance: Video surveillance of hotel facilities and company administration premises, and occupational monitoring of workers.

Users are likewise informed that the company Santa María del Sur, S.L. forms part of the HOVIMA HOTELS GROUP and is the controller of the corresponding filing systems with the same designations as those of the company Turística Konrad, S.L. This Privacy Policy applies to the entire HOVIMA HOTELS group.

HOVIMA HOTELS will under no circumstances use the personal data of data subjects for purposes other than those defined in this Privacy Policy, and undertakes to maintain due professional secrecy and to establish the necessary technical and organisational measures to safeguard the information in accordance with the requirements established by the legislation in force with regard to Personal Data Protection.

HOVIMA HOTELS reminds users that the personal data they provide us with must be appropriate, relevant and not excessive with regard to the scope and specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which they are obtained, and they should therefore refrain from including unnecessary data. They will be cancelled once they are no longer necessary or relevant for said purpose, or when so requested by the data subject, exercising the right of cancellation.

Exercise of rights

In the event of any incident that you may experience with regard to our processing of your personal data, you may exercise rights of access, rectification, erasure and data portability, and the restriction of or objection to processing, at any time, by writing to HOVIMA HOTELS – Calle El Sauce 1, Portal 1, Urbanización El Madroñal, Fañabé, 38660 Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, enclosing a copy of your identity document, or by sending a contact email to our Data Protection Officer:lopd@hovima-hotels.com. If you remain unsatisfied as to the implementation of your rights, you may raise a grievance with the Supervisory Authority. You may contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency via the website www.agpd.es.

Customer Check-In

By checking in at any of our hotels you grant your consent for the processing of your personal data and that of any companions, as provided in the checking form, and also the copy of your National Identity Document/Passport/Foreigner Identification Number, which will be included in the “Guests” filing system controlled by HOVIMA HOTELS, the purpose of which is the management of customer arrivals and departures.

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the mandatory requirement to register travellers on check-in, as set out in ORDER INT/1922/2003, of 3 July 2003, on register books and check-in forms for travellers at hospitality and other equivalent establishments. These data must be recorded in order to perform the check-in process. If they are refused, it will be impossible to provide you with the accommodation service you have contracted.

Your data will be kept in our database for the number of years established in the statute of limitations. We hereby inform you that your data will be communicated to State Law Enforcement Agencies, by legal obligation. This communication is necessary in order to perform our services. Your data will not be transferred to other third parties, unless there is a legal obligation. No international data transfers will be performed.

Contact data of customers and potential customers

We hereby inform you that your electronic contact data, if you provide them to us, will be processed in accordance with the European regulations in force with regard to Data Protection and all other corresponding regulations, in addition to Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act 34/2002, of 11 July 2002, for the sending of information, response to queries, and generic contact. We will retain your contact data for as long as you maintain your relationship with us, or until you revoke your consent for the usage thereof.

Sending of commercial communications and advertising

Upon administration of your booking, registration with the HOVIMA Club, participation in competitions organised by the company or requests to use the Wi-Fi network of our hotels, you will be granting your explicit consent for the sending of commercial communications regarding our promotions and offers and the sending of the Newsletter to any email address that you might have provided to us.

Should you so wish, you may receive these promotions by means of information newsletters and periodic communications. The legitimate basis for the processing of your data lies in your explicit consent, which you may grant or refuse on the various forms you will be provided with for this purpose. You may subsequently revoke said consent at any time, in which case you will be deleted from our database (in the case of the HOVIMA Club, if your email address is unsubscribed, the corresponding benefits will automatically be disabled). Your data will be retained in our database until your consent is revoked. No international data transfers will be performed.

You are hereby informed that, if you accept the sending of commercial communications, your contact data may be assigned to the other companies that make up the HOVIMA HOTELS group for the sending of commercial communications and promotions regarding its own hotel offers. Your data will not be transferred to other third parties, unless there is a legal obligation.

Should you subsequently not wish to continue receiving this information, you may manage your subscription by logging on to your HOVIMA Club account and exercising your right of objection to the processing of your data for advertising purposes, as indicated in the above subsection of this Privacy Policy.

The sending of information newsletters, competitions and promotions undertaken at HOVIMA HOTELS is managed by the external company Conectatec, the designation of which is as follows: Mercaservi, S. L., and you are therefore informed that the contact data you provide will be processed by said company for the aforementioned purposes, and that our company maintains a contractual relationship with it covering the requirements established in the legislation in force regarding Personal Data Protection.

Service conditions and privacy policy on the part of the provider of the AdoraHotels bookings service (Conectatec, Mercaservi SL)

In fulfilment of the legislation in force with regard to Personal Data Protection, we hereby inform you that our bookings management service provider company is: Conectatec, the designation of which is: Mercaservi, S.L. (hereinafter, the company) which strictly complies with all measures required in order to guarantee the security, integrity and privacy of the data provided via data gathering forms included on the website adorahotels.com (hereinafter, the website).

The personal data freely entered by the customer (hereinafter, the user) on the website forms are used by the company solely and exclusively to perform its tasks of administrative, technical and commercial management. The data gathered as a result of the request for a booking will be shared only with the Establishment at which the booking was requested, in order to allow the Establishment to process said booking and to contact the customer as provided in law. The personal data of customers will under no other circumstance be transferred to third parties outside the company without the explicit consent of the data subject. The company undertakes to cancel the personal data collected once they are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were gathered.

The company will agree to the transfer of data only where this would involve a requirement in order to be able to provide its customers with the contracted service, transferring them only to those entities and organisations intrinsically and necessarily linked to the provision of the various services offered on the website, the employees or agents of the company and professional firms or enterprises collaborating with or assisting it in economic, administrative, legal, taxation or financial matters. Access to customer data by the authorised personnel of the company is conducted in a controlled and hierarchical manner, in accordance with the internal customer data access and processing policy.

Any users entering their personal data on the different website registration forms will be fully entitled to exercise their rights at any time by presenting a request to the company in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force. Data are transferred in encrypted form using a secure connection. The company ensures absolute confidentiality and privacy of the personal data gathered, and has therefore adopted essential security measures to avoid any alteration, loss, processing or access without authorisation, thereby guaranteeing data integrity and security. The company cannot, however, guarantee that unauthorised third parties that stage some type of attack on the system might not learn of the characteristics of usage made of the site by users.

The company will not in this regard in any way be liable for any incidents that might arise with regard to personal data if the result either of an attack or unauthorised access to the website systems that would be impossible to detect by means of the current security measures, or otherwise if the result of a lack of diligence by the user regarding the safeguarding and custody of their access codes or their own personal data.

The information provided by users must be accurate. Users guarantee for these purposes the authenticity of all data that they disclose as a consequence of completion of the forms required to contract the Services. Users will likewise be responsible for keeping said information permanently updated, in order to ensure that at all times it corresponds to the actual situation of each user. Users will be the sole parties responsible for any false or inaccurate declarations made and any harm caused to the company or to third parties as a result of any information they might provide.

The company expressly forbids the reproduction, distribution, public communication, total or partial transformation, or any other activity that might be performed with the content and/or the software of the site, even if the sources are cited, unless the company has granted its written consent. The resolution of any conflict, dispute or claim resulting from usage of the site, its content, or any of the products and/or services offered thereon, are subject to the Spanish legislation in force.

To submit any query regarding the privacy policy adopted or the execution of the rights granted by the regulations in force regarding data protection for the data subject, the company provides the email address gestion@adorahotels.com

In order to comply with the provisions of Act 34/2006, of 11 July, governing information society and electronic commerce services, the general details concerning this website are listed below:
Trading name: adorahotels.com
Registered office at: Calle Hawai s/n, 38650 Santa Cruz Tenerife, Spain.
Telephone: +34 922752950
Email: gestion@adorahotels.com.


Should you contract our services, you are hereby informed and grant your explicit consent for your personal data as provided to HOVIMA HOTELS to be used in order to manage your invoicing process. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the mandatory requirement to issue invoices for the handover of goods and provision of services, as set out in General Taxation Act 58/2003, of 17 December 2003, as a result of which your data must be gathered and processed as a mandatory and essential requirement in order to provide our hotel accommodation services. Your data will be kept in our database until this requirement expires in accordance with accounting and taxation law. Your data may, where applicable, be accessible to the competent public authorities. This communication is necessary in order to perform our services. Your data will not be transferred to other third parties, unless there is a legal obligation. No international data transfers will be performed.

Management of CVs

Should you wish to work at our company, given our internal policy regarding the receipt of CVs for improved information centralisation and organisation, CV data must be sent to the email account: cv@hovima-hotels.com, or handed in hard copy to the Human Resources head office or the administration facilities of the hotels of the Hovima chain. We likewise inform you that CVs sent to any other email accounts will be duly deleted from our system.

If you are not selected in the staff selection process launched when you present us with your CV, we will retain your CV data for a maximum period of one year in order to be able to use them in future selection processes. For this reason, and in fulfilment of the principle of data quality, we would ask that you serve due notice on us of any change that might occur to the details of your CV.

We would likewise remind you that the data provided must be appropriate, relevant and not excessive for personnel selection, and you should therefore refrain from including any unnecessary information in your CV, so as thereby to respect the principle of data quality.
We hereby inform you that your CV may be passed on to our external human resources administration consultancy, in order for them to arrange appointments with you and conduct any applicable job interviews to determine whether your profile corresponds to our recruitment needs.

Child protection policy

Users may not register for this website or make bookings if they are below legal age. The owner of this website understands that from the point at which a legal minor accesses the website, they have the permission of their parents, guardian or legal representative.
HOVIMA HOTELS reminds adults who have children under legal age in their care that they bear sole responsibility should any child include their data for the management of any booking.

Login via social media

If you register by means of your social media profile, our company accepts no responsibility for the content of your profile, nor the accuracy of the data provided therein. Our understanding is that the profiles used to register on our system are truthful and legal.
This company therefore declines any type of liability if the content of your profile does not comply with the conditions of use established on the social media platform, or if the content thereof is inappropriate and unlawful, and therefore reserves the right to bring any legal action that might be necessary.

Registration for promotions and competitions

Upon registration for promotions and competitions managed by HOVIMA HOTELS, participants are asked to provide explicit consent for the sending of our promotions and news to the email address provided, by means of information newsletters and periodic communications sent to said address. Participants may grant or refuse said consent, and if it is granted, it may be revoked at any time, as indicated in the “Exercise of Rights” subsection of this Privacy Policy.

Photos provided by competitions and promotions that we undertake may be used for publication on our social media forms and website, and also in any brochures and advertising that HOVIMA HOTELS might produce. The identity details of winners may likewise be posted on our social media platforms and/or website. This condition is an essential requirement for participation in our competitions.

Those under legal age must not register promotions or competitions without the due authorisation of their parents or legal guardian.

Hosting of data and third parties with access to data

This website is hosted on a server located within the European Union. The sole purpose is the housing of our website on a hosting basis, and the management company will therefore have no access to your personal data.
Likewise, our email addresses and cloud backup copies are managed by companies located within the territory of the European Union, as are their hosting servers.
We have signed a third-party data access contract with all external professionals and agents accessing the personal data of our company and customers, in accordance with the terms set out in the legislation in force with regard to personal data protection.

Username and password management

The management of online passwords and usernames for HOVIMA Club customers is conducted by means of the Web services provider with which the owner maintains a contractual relationship covering the requirements established in the legislation in force with regard to Personal Data Protection.
Usernames and passwords are likewise assigned by means of a customer code which does not indicate the users’ data, and the password distributor therefore does not have access to said data.

Use of social media

We use our social media accounts to link to news, articles or other relevant information for our customers and followers. This may include photographs of identifiable persons. Nonetheless, should the person affected wish to withdraw their image, they may contact the administrator of the site in order to have it withdrawn.
We will under no circumstances use the contact data of our followers for inclusion on our advertising distribution list.

Modification and duration of these conditions

The owner of this website may at any time modify the conditions here established, duly published as they appear here, in accordance with its own judgment or as a result of a modification to the legislation or the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The validity of said conditions shall apply until they are modified by a duly published replacement.

Legislation and Jurisdiction

The legislation applicable to the content of the website shall be that of Spain, the applicable jurisdiction being that of the competent Courts of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.